Patient Testimonials

We LOVE our patients!
Here's what our patients have had to say about us:

"I am so impressed with Champion! Everyone here is professional, efficient, helpful, compassionate, and focused on serving the client! My therapist, Keith Borger, is extremely knowledgable, caring, good at listening, and very determined to help me make progress.  This is a first class operation! I give them 5 stars!"

-Pam A.


"Jill is a blessing! Love her! Office staff is great!"



"Everyone is awesome! They are very professional and they treat everyone like family! I love Champion Physical Therapy!"


"You make patrons feel at ease and give attention and help when needed or requested."


"Keith continues to be the BEST PT I have ever had. I consider him a gift from God! I truly do. He listens, cares, and has the knowledge needed to help me through my recovery. Thank you!"



"I was scheduled for a knee replacement eight weeks from the start date of my beginning of my bialteral knee PT treatments. I attended 3 treatments per week for eight weeks and decided to cancel my surgery due to my extraordinary improvement. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Cindy Wheeler and the team of therapists at Champion. As I get older I reflect back on the many surgeries Champion has prevented for me."

-Rick J.


"Keith really understands fibromyalgia and hleps me recover with my limitations in mind. His combo of massage, dry needling, cupping, e-stim, etc, has been extremely helpful--more than anyone has EVER helped me at a PT."


"I think you are all champions in relieving pain and increasing mobility. Each therapist has their own "bag of tricks" to make you better."

  -Jeanie L.