AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

*The Alter G is located at our Alpharetta Clinic*

What is the Alter G?

The AlterG is an anti-gravity treadmill that uses AlterG Differential Air Pressure technology to minimize force and load on your body allowing you to run/walk anywhere from 20-100 percent of your body weight. this way you can maintain volume load with less pain, without changing gait mechanics, and prevent loading injury. Thanks to this, rehabilitation for lower extremities is less painful, produces an overall higher success rate, and reduces risk of future injury.

"Can it help me?"

 Are you a runner currently sidelined by injury? The AlterG is an effective way to continue running and maintaining your cardiovascular endurance without putting as much stress through your body!

Are you an athlete that would love to get back in the game? The AlterG is just what you need! While rehabilitating, you can continue to train your muscles, maintain endurance, and return quicker!

"What if I'm not injured?"

Supplementing the AlterG while training can allow you to maintain fitness and decrease load on body to reduce risk of injury, and introduce variability to training.

Private Pay Options:

Want to run or walk on the AlterG, but don't have a doctor's referral? No problem! Making private-pay appointments on the AlterG is easy and affordable. No insurance or doctor’s referrals are needed. The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is available at our Alpharetta clinic. Please call for scheduling information.

Initial Consultation: $60, Includes tutorial, fitting, and 30 min usage

Single Usages

  1. 30 mins - $25
  2. 45 mins - $35
  3. 60 mins - $45
  4. $10 for each additional 15 mins of usage


  • Ten 30 min sessions - $225


Services are a part of your therapy and will be charged according to your insurance policy. 

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